working for the benefit of others

The basic theme to live a vibrant life

・realizing of our vision・flexibility of strategic thinking・basing on long-term view・respecting people・setting no limit.・keeping a healthy, vibrant smile ・defining deadline and goals

Message from President and Representative Director:


 Based on the theme of “Clear Forests, Water and Sunshine for the Earth,” ELCOM is pursuing manufacturing effective products contributing to environment and society principally to maintain the health of the global environment as an irreplaceable asset for future generations.
 The global environment has been rapidly deteriorating behide the dramatic evolution ever since the industrial revolution. Air pollution, global warming, deforestation, acid rain, food additives, food depletion, waste treatment problem and other problems all continue to pose serious threats to our precious planet. The earth is on the verge of clinical condition.
 Our top priority is to pursue and achieve what we can do to for the planet, creating products which will contribute to heal the planet.
 ELCOM is a fabless company that we do not own the facilities for manufacturing our products. We work with production partners. That`s how we can achieve designing and innovating new product freely. We are distributing our products through both our direct sales and our sale partners to the market.
 With our sincere gratitude to all of production partners, sale partners and the end users, we will promise to continue planning and developing the products, which will benefit all of those involved in our products, and promise to meet their satisfaction with our heart always opened to the needs of customers.

 In closing, I wish ELCOM will always be the company filled with energy, vitality and creative staffs.

President and Representative Director Mr. Takashi Souma