MEBO - 小さなリサイクルステーションがあなたのエコ活動をサポート!


Dependable & convenient recycling station!

Long-awaited Japanese-made
PET-bottle Reverse Vending Machine & Compactor

  • Can be used up to 2ℓ PET-bottles.
  • Can hold up to 240 PET-bottles of 500㎖.
  • Featuring Credit function to add User points, such as Shopping points.
Benefits for End-users It can be used anytime 24 hours a day. Every time putting a used PET-bottle into MEBO, Users can earn User points, such as Shopping points.
Benefits for Facilities Registered users enjoy convenience in services such as shopping point, which help to attract more customers to visit the Facility.
Benefits for PET-bottle collecting companies Large amounts of PET-bottle can be collected at once.
Benefits for Local governments Reduce the amount of work on collecting resources recycling.

Ideal place to install

  • Shopping centers, Supermarkets, Sport facillities, Amusement Parks, Highway rest areas, etc



Register to use by touching selections on panel.
MIBO card will be issued.

Register for use by touching selections displayed on the panel. MEBO card will be issued.

Easy operation.
Note: Illustration uses simulated image.


Hold up MIBO card to the card-reader, then throw a PET-bottle into MIBO.

Hold up MEBO card to the card-reader, then throw PET-bottles into MEBO.

Safty sencer protects users during proceeding.


Take the reciept.
Shopping points or coupons will be printed.

Take the reciept, which the shopping points or coupons are printed.

All PET-bottles are Compressed and stored in the storage box.



product name MEBO
product code MB750
capacity 2~3sec/bottle(500mL)
compaction rate 1/2~1/3
power supply AC100V(double)
50/60Hz 750/405W
size (㎜) W853×D669×H1792(min.)
weight 393kg
bag capacity 120L
operating method By touching the displayed panel.
driving system Motor chain drive
safty device Door sencer, Overload protection
option Function for issuing reciepts or coupons

Note: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

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