• EPS Compactor STYROS
  • Compress EPS(expanded polystyrene) up to 1/25!Process into highly valued renewable raw materials.
    • Smallest & Lightest!Ideal for small amount of daily EPS Capacity:10〜20kg/h
    • Compact & Swift operating!all stainless steel Capacity:40〜50kg/h
    • perfect solution for plastic marine debris!all stainless steel Capacity:80〜100kg/h


Most of conventional EPS compactor adopt the method of dissolving EPS by heat or solvent. Therefore they lead the problems like high running cost, generationg unpleasent burnt smell, taking too much space, needing to dry out, taking too much time to process, or so on. STYROS can resolve these problems all at once, reducing EPS volume up to 1/25 ensuring drastic cut in of EPS waste treatment & transport cost!


Compressed by screw press & friction heat.
STYROS has adopted a patented EPS reducing method, which polystyrene being compressed with screw press, softened and degassed by friction heat.
No polystyrene being melted in the process, therefore no unpleasant burnt smell will be generated.
STYROS reduces EPS volume without deteriorating by heat and the compressed materials can be recycled.
Simple structure and fewer parts make it easy to maintain.
  • compressed by screw press & friction heat.
    STYROS can process EPS without generating unplesant burnt smell so that the operators can work comfortably.
  • highly valued as renewable raw materials
    STYROS runs below the temperature of hermal decomposition without degrading moleculars. Compressed EPS materials are valued higher utility of recycling EPS waste than any other processing methods.
  • Low cost but high performance
    STYROS BUOY has capacity of 100kg/h max. The high speed processing enable continuous inserting. Competitive priced but highly efficient.
  • simple and easy maintenance
    STYROS runs on less Electricity, cutting down up to 80% compared with conventional heat or solvent EPS compactor. Simple design and fewer parts make it to easy to maintain.
  • compact & mobile
    STYROS is designed to fit where space is limited and can be moved easily with wheel casters.

Compacting ratio

EPS(Expanded Polystyrene)

Compacting ratio 1/5~1/25

Compacting ratio 1/5~1/25

note; 20 to 24 float buoys can be reduced into a 1㎥ Flexible container bag.
note; The large float buoys can be processed only by STYROS BUOY.

Others materials

  • Compacting ratio of Urethane Foam
  • Compacting ratio of Urethane board Compacting ratio of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate)

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How to use

STYROS`s basic concept is COMPACT, EASY and SAFE.Anyone can operate STYROS easily and saftely.

  •  Turn main power on and press start

    Turn main power on and press start.

  • Insert EPS from above supply port.

    Insert EPS from the supply port.

  •   Crushing EPS by screw press

    Crush EPS by screw press.

  • Compressing and extruding through matrix.

    Compress & extrude through matrix.

Easy operation!
Turn on the main power and press the start(grreen) button. Insert EPS from the top suppy port. Compressed EPS are exturded through the matrix. Compaction level can be adjustable.

Note;Before operating Styros, rifill the water into the waterbath to the designated level.

Result of 10 minutes after compression by STROUS

introduction video

EPS COMPACTOR / STYROS (only in Japanese)

What STYROS can do for Material-Cycling Society

STYROS enhances the recycling rate and contributes to create materials recycling society In Japan, the recycling of EPS waste has started in the early 1970s. About 85.7% (in 2011) of ESP waste has now been recycled.

EPS compactor STYROS series ,up to 1/25 reduction, transport costs & CO₂down, no stech no noize, low cost high performance To the realization of a recycling-oriented society! Transportation cost CO2 reduction. transport costs & CO₂down compact & mobile

EPS materials compressed by STYROS are highly valued as recyclable materials to reuse as heat insulating materials, ecological trays or cushioning materials. It has been proved that STYROS ensures higher utility value of recycling EPS waste than any other processing methods.

Resloving EPS Waste problems in various places

EPS compactor STYROS contributes recycling EPS, reducing its volume up to 1/25 as well as transport cost. STYROS has widely used as the standard for compaction process of EPS at many business related to EPS.

Styrofoam recycling flow image

Track records of STYROS clients

EPS compactor STYROS has been certificated as "NORTHERN BRAND" by Sapporo chamber of commerce and industry every year since 2013.

  • 2016年度「北のブランド」に認定されました!

  • North Brand

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